I was never really into Valentine’s Day. I saw it just as a bit of fun really and liked to do silly gifts and cards. Michael called it one of those “Hallmark days”, one made increasingly enormous for and by the masses as a consumer event. 

Despite his good-natured cynicism, he was never bitter about it, he always made me an awesome card 🙂 always something FUN or funny. 

This year more than ever, Valentine’s Day means nothing to me. I notice that I’ve been feeling almost bitter about it. 

Typically the universe sent me a lesson to combat my own cynicism this morning… I was doing yoga early in the dark, stars all around, birds still asleep. Before the sky started to lighten, I saw not just one satellite hurtling through the sky, not two, but three satellites! 

Before I met Michael (and being brought up in the UK) I never even knew it was possible to see them, the Australian night sky is so different to the UK. He showed me how to spot them and we loved looking for them when we were out in the bush camping, or just out in the evenings away from the city.

Maybe that’s my lesson this morning, to not lose myself in the grief and become bitter about days like these. 

To keep my sense of humour and remember that no matter how everyone else chooses to mark days like this one, I can still choose to see things within it that make me smile. And that help me to remember him and smile. Even through the tears.