But obviously not. 

Another day, another uninvited and condescending platitude of bullshit from someone’s mind toted as a condolence.

Sitting down at a casual, social dinner beside, an ‘acquaintance’ I’d call him. 

“It’s been such a terrible time for you, hasn’t it? But I’m sure the outpouring of grief on Facebook has helped you to process it.”

“Uh, no. Not really. I found social media was a huge added pressure; in terms of trying to keep on top of all the communications from people all over the world who loved him.”

“Ah yes, love,” he said. Taking a long gulp of his beer.

“You think you love your partner. But nothing in the world compares to the love you feel for your own child.”

I’m sure that’s the view of many parents but it stung so badly. 

As Michael would say, “people!” Perhaps with a shrug.