Of crossing paths with someone. At the right time for both of you. The right place.

The right time in your life to be open to making room in it for a life partner.

When you’ve found that one in three billion man, married him then lost him.

I’m blessed that I’ve been that lucky. That happy. We both knew we were lucky. 

We told each other so.

Sometimes I’d pinch myself that he was too good to be true. That no one is allowed to be that happy. 

Maybe the universe noticed my doubt. My punishment for such an indulgent self-focus.

So what are the chances of crossing paths with another one in 3.5 billion man, at the right time for us both?

Would it be worth it? To trust. To start again. Only to potentially lose again? 

How lucky can one girl be?

And how much love can one heart survive?